Governments in countries from South Korea to Zimbabwe and states across the nation are investing in the potential of blockchain—Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming, Delaware, West Virginia, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, and Vermont. Where is Michigan? The investment has ranged from supporting blockchain start-ups to using cryptocurrency to create economic stabilization. During The Future of the State: Blockchain and Government we will be discussing how blockchain technology can create more efficiency for city and state government systems, use cases of cryptocurrency within cities and countries, state legislation for using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and the need to increase digital literacy in Detroit in order to remain competitive and innovative. Please join us and hear from candidates and blockchain experts about how we can move Detroit and our state forward into the future.

EOS Detroit Presents: The Future of the State: Blockchain and Government 
October 23, 2018 
7 pm 
Norwest Gallery 
19556 Grand River Avenue, Detroit