The Resonance

The Resonance is a ritual of healing and the reenactment of the torture inflicted upon the Nama and Herero women of Namibia during the German colonial era. They were forced to clean the bones of their murdered with broken glass. Those bones were used to conduct comparative anatomical research on ‘human races' in Germany by Dr. Eugen Fischer. Between 1905-1907, 3,000 bones were sent to Germany from the Shark Island concentration camp otherwise known as Death Camp. The decimation of the Nama and Herero people is known as the first genocide of the 20th century.

Produced by Iwalewahaus at the University of Bayreuth, Germany for the exhibition Future Africa - Visions in Time curated by Katharina Fink, Storm Janse Van Rensburg, and Nadine Siegert.

Sitting within the sculpture Cave Rug, 1970, created by Urban Jupena 

Sitting within the sculpture Cave Rug, 1970, created by Urban Jupena 

Into the Darkness

“I’m playing dark history. It’s beyond black. I’m dealing with the dark things of the cosmos.” —Sun Ra

Into the Darkness was a guided meditation given at the Cranbrook Art Museum during the Cranbrook Time Machine: Twentieth-Century Period Rooms exhibit. The meditation traveled into the cosmic ocean to strengthen the mind, expand consciousness and let the spirit exhale in order to be able to effectively, and with purpose, work on the human plane.

Take Root Among the Stars

The cosmic meditation, Take Root Among the Stars, used the crystal Black Tourmaline as the portal for cosmic travel to Jupiter, Saturn and the star Sirius. The meditation was part of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation's Library Sessions series for the Blue Black exhibition curated by Glenn Ligon.