The Institute of Mythocracy, sound, video. 2015

Something Else Off Biennale, Cairo, Egypt

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“I do not come to you as a reality; I come to you as a myth.”

--Sun Ra, Space is the Place, 1974

“Unfold your myth.” --Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi 

What’s stranger? That in 1936, jazz musician Sun Ra was abducted by aliens and taken to Saturn, or that in the 21st Century Black people continue to suffer the punishment of Prometheus? Is it strange to begin a mission to emancipate all people through music and art to transport them out of oppression into the true sentience: cosmic thought? The architect of sound, Sun Ra, believed in the impossible because the possible had already been implemented and a world constructed atop oppression hadn’t changed. 

Heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra stated that if we are to “act on the destiny of the world it is necessary to treat it like a myth.” Becoming myths ourselves we are at once freed from harmful constrictions, and unbound by the realities (and whims) of the nation state. Narrative power shifts as we speak the word.

The Institute of Mythocracy resurrects the philosophy and science of Sun Ra and makes it accessible to the world with the vision that everyone will expand in consciousness and liberate themselves. Using Sun Ra as inspiration and his words as a guideline, we recognize harmful falsehoods and become our own powerful stories.