Ancient Future News. Coming Soon! 

Ancient Future News. Coming Soon! 

Welcome to the Ancient Future!!!

William Gibson said, "The future is already here. It's just not widely distributed yet."

Ancient Future News (AFN) believes in the equitable distribution of the future. The future should include a wide spectrum of ideas, perspectives, and predictions. At AFN we live at the crossroads of social justice, art, and technology. We have two goals, ensuring our listeners know about future technologies in development and how those emerging technologies are shaping our communities. AFN believes the future belongs to everyone. In order to ensure equity, information must be disseminated and resources accessible, especially in communities of color. It is not only necessary that we remain informed but we must also be able to envision futures, discuss our own predictions based on our experiences, and experiment with the latest technologies to ultimately achieve equity in all areas of our lives.

Our guests span a dynamic spectrum of cutting-edge cultural and technological expertise, and evolutionary social practices. They discuss their ideas about the future, what future technologies they are following, and what emerging tech they wish they had access to in order to advance their work within communities and beyond. Ultimately we want to uncover the futurists in our communities.

AFN is a production of AFROTOPIA. Launching in March 2018.